Prive lessen : Snowboard

Take benefit of the very special attention from our snowboard intrsuctors, all fully qualified with the Swiss Snowsport highest degree.

Snowboard at all levels with one of our professional instructors, to improve your skills with pleasure and passion.


From a basic turn to a "carving" turn, through different tricks, discover the pleasure of snowboading or improve your skills with fun and security. Take advantage of the experience and the passion of our instructors in our magnificent ski area which offers unlimited possibilities whatever your level is.


Would you like seing the world upside down?

Discover the freestyle world or improve your skills with the experience of our snowboard instructors who will make you try all sort of tricks adapted to your level and always with security.


Experiment snowboarding otherwise. With his many "itinaries", the 4 vallees and the Tzoumaz ski areas have unlimited off-piste possibilities.

Safely discover snowboarding off the groomed slopes for new sensations and unforgettable moments.